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View your wedding through our eyes!


welcome to Greece!

There is just one place on Earth where Beauty,Myth and Infinitive are always bound.

Take your vows to the land of Gods, drink nectar of immortality with your soul mate and shower the glory of the Greek Sun…

Breathe the waves that Poseidon rules in the Aegean and feel the awe of astonishing sunsets.

Welcome to Greece!





choose destinations

One of the most important issues is the choice of your wedding destination.

It is the quintessence of the ceremony, since it reflects your hidden dreams and promises, which your memory will keep alive in your hearts forever…

Which would be the unique scenery of your wedding?

Santorini Island

Santorini, otherwise known as Thera, lies in the south of the Cyclades group of Aegean islands and is one of the most dramatic and spectacularly beautiful Greek islands.


Cycladic island weddings have handpicked some of the most picturesque chapels for your wedding in Greece. Ceremonies take place outside the chapel, with fantastic views to enjoy, as you exchange your vows. The wedding can be as simple or as elegant as you like - with optional white covered chairs, lanterns, flower arches, red carpet... the choice is up to you!


Both the wedding ceremony and reception can be held on the decks of the sailing boats, providing the wedding couple and their guests an amazing experience. This is the wonderful and relaxing Caldera cruise in Santorini, which embarks at the charming old port in the capital town of Fira, for a magical afternoon cruise in the Caldera area.

Hotel | Garden | Terrace

Choose from a variety of excellent hotels, gardens and terraces with breathtaking view to the island and luxurious services.


Your wedding ceremony will take place early evening (and can be timed to take place at sunset) on either the terrace overlooking the sea or right on the sand, followed by a photo shoot on the spectacular volcanic beach.


There are plenty of wineries in the area around Thera. The ceremonies usually take place on the wineries terraces. Fantastic view to the caldera cliff, to the volcano accompanied with the Aegean blue.

Olympus Riviera

Zeus talks to the Gods from the topmost peak of many-ridged Olympus. He said that he could hang the earth and sea from a pinnacle of Olympus. The entrance to Olympus was a great gate of clouds, kept by the Seasons. Within were the gods’ dwellings where they lived and slept and held court.


Follow the way to the alley under a trees ark leading you the hidden chapels in mythical Olympus Riviera…Choose a small, stone build church from the previous century and have an open wedding to the paved, villages central square or even a whitewashed chapel viewing the castle and the Mediterranean Blue.


Rock in the waves that Poseidon rules; enjoy the atmosphere of the divine and the cool breath of Olympus.
Dream along the scenery of the pyrofania, the small boats with the light on during their fishing in the middle of the night!

Hotel | Garden | Terrace

Your choice of the hotel will be based to the scenery you prefer…Unique view to the castle, pass to a private beach, panoramic view from the mountains high or garden to an UNESCO heritage village like a fairytale of the past…All combined with high quality services and luxurious facilities.


Olumpus Riviera offers a variety of locations. It is the only place in Greece that has 70km coast line, with gold sand; from the other side the scenery of your weeding will be set to a beach under the magnetism of Mount Olympus, the shadow of the nature and the castle that stands imposing on the hill.

Ancient Greek Marriage

Get married like an ancient Greek during the time of a full moon at Mythic Olymp. Bath in the holy springs of Olympus, hear the drums and crackers that are bursting to ward away evil spirit spirits .Wear a crown or garland to mark the occasion and be accompanied by a torch. Eat the apple that demonstrates the new union with your mate and be showered by fruits and nuts acting as agents of fertility and prosperity.

Sporades Islands

Skiathos or else the Mama Mia! island, is the smallest and most popular of the Sporades. From the 11 islands that consists the Sporades, only 4 are inhabited: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros.


Choose your dream chapel in this traditional scenery, which combines a wild, majestic, natural beauty with the stories told in a melancholy tone by the deserted ruins that bear witness to a distant past.


Resting on the rim of the wheelhouse, visitors meet the Aegean that welcomes them with the blue light of its skies, the azure glimmer of its waves, the white shades of its surf, the yellow tint of its islands, and the golden brightness of its sun.

Hotel | Garden | Terrace

Choose from a variety of excellent hotels, gardens and terraces with breathtaking view to the island and luxurious services


The island boasts no less than 70 sandy beaches and if you choose to hire a boat, you will be rewarded by discovering romantic, deserted beaches, even in peak season.

MAMMA-MIA! Bourtzi island

You've seen the film, you loved the set! Seize the chance to feel like a celebrity and get married on the Mamma Mia island!
Your wedding ceremony will take place at the historic Bourtzi, the small idyllic pine tree covered peninsula that divides the port in two, the old and newer parts.
Your Skiathos wedding will be blessed by magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and nearby islands on one side and the picturesque capital’s red roof tops, fish restaurants, yachts and fishermen's boats on the other.


- Wedding application & paperwork (associated fees – translations excluded).
- Wedding coordinator – consulter
- Wedding venue (arrangement of wedding vow and ring exchange ceremony).
- Hire of the location
- Priest or Mayor & 2 witnesses (if needed)
- Wedding certificate
- Private transfers from/to hotel for the bridal couple.
- Fresh flower bouquet and boutonniere.
- 150 Pictures (Fully edited 30 pictures) on disc.
- Music background playing during ceremony (CD player).
- Sugar almonds.


Includes all SILVER WEDDING package plus
- Stylish hairdo and make up for bride and groom
- Venue floral decorations
- 230 Pictures (Fully edited 80 pictures) on disc
- Flower petals shower after ceremony
- Ring Pillow
- Small wedding cake
- Symbolic wedding gifts for the couple


Includes all GOLDEN WEDDING package plus :
- Private transfers from/to hotel for the bridal couple in a luxurious vehicle
  of your choice, decorated with fresh flowers.
- 280 Pictures (Fully edited 100 pictures) on disc and Photo album
- Videographer during the wedding ceremony (approx, 1 hour)
- Music background playing during ceremony
- Flower petals shower after ceremony & Jordan almonds
- Wine and flowers in couple’s room &Dinner for two at an elegant restaurant
- A bottle of champagne to toast the couple at the wedding venue
- Wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers, to be cut at the wedding venue (or at the restaurant).

Optional Facilites

- Next Day Photo package (Half day professional service with at least 3 hours photography session at 2 or 3 locations with extra Stylish hairdo and make up for bride and groom, Fresh flower bouquet and boutonniere, 150 Pictures (Fully edited 30 pictures) on disc, Round trip transfer from/ to your hotel.
- Hire of Wedding Dress and Tuxedo
- Live music during the ceremony

Cherish the day

may it bring you happiness for all your life together!





Choose one of the metamorphoses into a Greek Goddess for your heavenly day. Dress the mantle of the divine coupling and emerge through the fragrance of the special flower syntheses. Let your feelings unfold the talents and the inspiration of the goddess hidden within you.


coral, orange, purple

Artemis is the lady of the wild things. She was one of the most popular goddesses of ancient Greece, and she was believed to wander around in the forests, surrounded by the nymphs.
Apart from being the goddess of hunting, she was a goddess of dancing, the protector of young women, childbirth, harvest, nature and the moon. The cypress is her tree. All wild animals are sacred to her and especially the deer.

Hyacintha, Sunflower, Gerbera

pink, fuchsia, red

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, desire and beauty.
In addition to her natural gifts she has a magical girdle that compels anyone she wishes to desire her. Aphrodite arose from the sea foam on a giant scallop and walked to the shore.
She is the wife of Hephaestus.
The myrtle is her tree; the dove, the swan, and the sparrow are her birds.
Peonies, Roses, Hyacinths

white, yellow

Hera was the queen of heaven and the gods and goddess of women and marriage.
She is the protector of marriage and takes special care of married women.
She was generally described as an avenging goddess, punishing those that had displeased her severely.
Her sacred animals are the cow and the peacock.
Calla, Anthurium, Tulips





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